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Systematic Innovation

Effective Innovation Processes are seen as the next essential core skill beyond Lean and Six Sigma, and Systematic Innovation is considered by some as the leading option for companies wanting to stay ahead

Innovation is about Creating Value, about ensuring future prosperity, about achieving and maintaining a competitive position within the marketplace, its about success. Whether technical or business innovation, it is essential, but it can also be difficult. The day to day maintenance of normal business activity can mean that looking after the future is forgotten until it is too late.

Organisations are now required to be effective innovators, both in terms of their product/service portfolio and also within their business practises as a whole.

Systematic Innovation: is the leading approach for those organisations that recognise the need to have effective processes to support their corporate innovation management strategies. 

Systematic Innovation:

Ø provides a set of tools and techniques that can be applied to both technical product and business development by the non specialist innovator.

Ø addresses the needs of the business systems innovator and those interested in future market/consumer behaviour.

Ø helps to identify innovation potential through Innovation Trend Analysis, recognising that; “somewhere someone knows already where your business and/or technology is going, because they have seen it all before”

Ø solves, rather than avoids, technical and business contradictions can lead to break -through innovation opportunities.

Ø combined with effective corporate innovation management and leadership can transform an organisation into a lead innovator.

Ø provides a solid foundation for those who cannot afford to wait for that inspirational ‘flash of genius’.

Ø is for those organisations requiring ‘Innovation on Demand’  not innovation whenever!



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