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Application of Tools in Six Sigma

  Six Sigma


What is Six Sigma?

As defined by GE: 'A project oriented, process-improvement approach, grounded in the principles of measurement and facilitated by Black Belts.' At its core is a heavy emphasis on statistical tools.

The ultimate goal of Six-Sigma is to improve processes to the point where their natural 'common cause' variation will yield only 3.4 defects per million opportunities.  This has been achieved by identifying factors (processes) in business critical to the 'bottom-line' and running prioritised projects through a single set process (DMAIC), facilitated
by extremely highly trained individuals - typically high fliers in the business.



  • Produce significant bottom line results

  • Requires and gets top management support

  • Provides better products and services for customers

  • Develops and empowers employees

  • Works in all parts of the business

  • Sustains gains over time

  • Uses well-established tools

Our Programme


We recognise that each organisation is different and therefore there is a need to select, apply and adapt Six Sigma tools and ideas to fit in order to make your organisation more responsive, efficient, competitive, and profitable.  We also believe that there is often a need to support the Black Belts and Green Belts throughout their projects, especially the first one.  This is done through availability on site and via e-mail or telephone.  We deliver training to the level of Black Belt, Green Belt, Champion and Management.


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